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Welcome to the Marat projects wiki, in support of ProjPM, ProjHastings & ProjSwartz, created to support activists' content relevant to their particular pursuits.

1. ProjPM: Continue investigating the cyber-industrial complex (e.g., Palantir)

2. ProjHastings: Investigate press malfeasance

  • Class A Malfeasance: Where a single publication has published two different versions of the truth that are mutually exclusive
  • Class B Malfeasance: Where a major outlet writes something that contradicts another major outlet
  • Class C Malfeasance: Where one outlet writes something contradicted by other compelling evidence
  • Class D Malfeasance [or maybe this was meant to be part of Class A or B?]: Where a reporter has written something that (1) they are not willing to correct and where (2) they are not willing to defend the absence of a correction
  • None of this is about criticizing reporters for not having the "right" ideology, etc

3. ProjSwartz: Investigate ties between:

  1. informants/collaborators/cooperators/etc who are going after activists, and
  2. either the FBI or other law enforcement
  • As usual, we should rely upon documentation whose validity is not in question
  • The focus with Project Swartz, unlike these other two projects, is less about discrediting institutions behaving badly and more about helping the targets of those bad actors
  • We are trying to help these targets be aware of what they are up against
  • One important outcome of this project is that it enables activists who are not well-connected to other activists to assess for themselves what is going on regarding this sort of activity they are facing (e.g., surveillance, attempts to discredit them, documentation against them suddenly showing up online)
  • Another component of this project for a bit down the road: others should be able to come to us with examples of activity against them
  • These three projects can serve as a "dropbox" of examples of press malfeasance, anti-activist activity, etc
  • These projects also create an incentive for these misbehaving institutions and groups to stop engaging in this activity in their most illicit and egregious forms

Best practices for citizen journalists and activists